What's in a name?

Hi there!

We're about to launch our brand new film production company. We've made a short film, 'The Birthday Gift' - which has won awards at international film festivals, and can be viewed here - and are about to start pre-production on our debut feature film.

Only thing is - we can't seem to come up with a name for the company! This is hopefully where one of you comes in. We're offering £100 to someone if they can come up with a name that we like - and the kudos of naming a future Oscar-winning company, obviously ;)

We're looking for a short name that reflects either, or both, of these themes:

1. Our films. We make contemporary, urban drama/thrillers - think David Fincher meets Roman Polanski, in a London suburb. Dark, compelling, edge-of-your-seat stuff. 

2. Our ethos. We're a go-getting company, finding our own financing for low-budget projects that we can elevate with our skill and sweat. Making it happen rather than waiting for the fickle finger of fate.

Ideally, the name should reflect one, or both of these themes. Or, failing that, just be a really snappy, imaginative, witty, catchy name that might not mean much but feels right!

Some examples of existing production company names that we like are:

Working Title Films / Holy Cow Films / Big Talk Films / Cowboy Films / Outsider Films / Warp Films

We'd like the name to have 'Films' at the end, rather than 'Productions' or 'Pictures' etc. It would obviously have to not clash with an existing name, which is easily Googleable, and can be company name-checked here

Please send your brilliant, snappy, poetic ideas to thebirthdaygiftfilm@gmail.com

We're keeping on trying to strike gold ourselves, so there's no guarantee that we will use one of the submissions, but we hope to come across something that we love, and if so, we will transfer £100 and our undying grati